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12 Pairs Eyeglass Nose Pads – Say Goodbye to Slips and Hello to Ultra Comfort!


Granry designs sunglasses and optical glasses and accessories for everyone.

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12 Pairs Eyeglass Nose Pads Anti Slip Glasses Nose Grips Pieces 2 Styles Ultra

  • 【Comfortable Experience】The 12 clear anti-slip nose pads kit includes 6 pairs of ultra-thin and 6 pairs of air chamber nose grips for eyeglasses. The ultra-thin nose pieces provide soft flat touch with less impression. The air chamber nose grips not only provide a super comfortable touch but also increase the height to make the sunglasses more fittable.
  • 【High-quality Design】The noes pads kit is made of super soft silicone with an ergonomic D shape design, which could provide maximum comfort and relieve pressure on your nose bridge. And the D-shaped high-quality design makes the nose pads fit your glasses wonderfully to prevent glasses from falling.
  • 【Wide Application】Granry anti-slip nose pads for glasses are compatible with full-frame glasses including sunglasses, plastic frames eyeglasses, and plate optical glasses. There are two styles of nose pads to experience,ultra-thin nose grips (6 pairs) and air chamber nose pieces (6 pairs), which are made of soft silicone material.
  • 【Easy Installation】Peel and stick these self-adhesive nose pads on your eyeglasses with no damage to your glasses, and no need for any tools. To stick them firmly, please clean the glasses pad application area with rubbing alcohol and wait to dry thoroughly before installing the eyeglass nose pads, finally press and hold for seconds to fix them.
  • 【SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】The 6 pairs of ultra-thin,1mm x 16.5mm(thickness x length).The 6 pairs of air chamber pads,3.5mm x 15mm(thickness x length). Any problems with nose pads for eyeglasses, please contact Granry Amazon Customer Support Team. We will reply in 24 hours.

GRANRY nose pads designed only for full frame glasses

A Review Of Granry

First, both styles of these nose pads are MUCH thicker than the listing indicates. As of August 2, 2023, the listing shows 0.8 mm thickness for the “bubble style” but they are more than three times that – actually around 3mm thick! The “flat style” is listed as 0.6mm thick but is close to double that at about 1.1mm actual thickness.

I really wanted to like these nose pads but unfortunately the width and length are much too large and make even the flat ones very noticeable on my glasses and my face. My full-frame acrylic glasses aren’t at all dainty, yet the pads appear HUGE on them. Even setting the pad back so far that it partially hangs off the glasses (in the back, closest to my face where you don’t see the overhang) doesn’t hide the pads from the front. They are so long and so wide relative to what’s needed that I even tried cutting them in half the long way – this is achievable with a small pair of scissors and at first seemed to help a lot, though they were still visible (much less so), but then the pads became very uncomfortable after a few hours of wearing them because the cut edge isn’t completely smooth. The edges on the thin ones actually don’t seem to be that smooth anyways, so this might be a problem for long wear even if kept full-size.

On the positive side, it is nice that the package has two options for people not sure what thickness will work best for them (3mm or 1.1mm); however, this only makes sense the first time you buy and it doesn’t seem like someone would need to buy two different thicknesses repeatedly. The stickiness of the pads seems good – quick adhesion but also can be repositioned if needed. Taking them off didn’t leave too much residue and it was easy to clean the frame with a bit of rubbing alcohol. I don’t know how long the adhesion will last.

The best thing about this purchase was actually the little case the pads come in, which would be very convenient for keeping extras available if I could use the pads. It could also be useful for other purposes, like daily medication doses or holding small hardware, so I’ll get more use out of the case than the pads!

Conclusion: Comfort Redefined, Confidence Renewed

The 12 Pairs Eyeglass Nose Pads redefine comfort for your glasses, ensuring they stay in place with a customized fit. Say goodbye to slips and hello to a comfort revolution that leaves you confident and comfortable throughout your day.


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