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Koss KPH30i

The Koss KPH30i are an affordable pair of on-ear headphones that offer impressive audio quality for the price. Here is an overview of their key features, design, sound quality, and value.

Key Features

  • High-Resolution dynamic audio drivers deliver spacious sound & deep bass
  • All-new rugged cord and plug with In-line microphone & remote and spring reinforced strain relief
  • The all-new patented suspension is designed for personalized comfort & extended use
  • Lightweight & portable with adjustable headband, Perfect for any situation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Customer Review

I purchased the Koss KPH30i from Amazon.

It may only be Koss that can release headphone models in 2017 and still have them considered as the ‘new’ version. It’s because these new headphones are the latest to feature the much-discussed, decades-old, iconic 60 Ohm, 35 mm driver found in the Porta Pro, Sporta Pro, KSC35, and the KPH30i.

This is my fourth review of headphones featuring the same magical Koss driver: Porta Pro Wireless, KSC35 Wireless, and KSC75.
Although sporting a modern design, the KPH30i are delightfully retro-styled and hearken back to their ‘80s roots. Eschewing the ear-clip style of the KSC35 and 75, the KPH30i are a traditional on-ear style with a plastic headband. Has Koss finally created a true successor to their popular Porta Pro?

Featuring a similar silicone comfort strap as the KTXPro1, combined with light weight, the KPH30i promise to be one of the most comfortable budget headphones you can put on your ears. They are available in four colors, with the grey/black and white/blue versions looking particularly modern and the rhythm beige and (new) clear versions ‘clearly’ targeting retro enthusiasts.


Q:What colors are the kph30i?

A:Material: Plastic, Foam. Color: Beige, White/Blue, Grey/Black. Cable: Non-Detachable 3.5mm.

Q:How long is the kph30i cable?

A:Very good, but short cable.From the ear pad to the end of the jack, it is 48″.

he Koss KPH30i provide surprising audio performance for the affordable price. For casual listening on a budget, these on-ear headphones are easy to recommend.

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