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Koss KPH30iK

Koss KPH30iK On-Ear Headphones, in-Line Microphone and Touch Remote Control, D-Profile Design, Wired with 3.5mm Plug, Dark Grey and Black

Key Features

  • High-Resolution dynamic audio drivers deliver spacious sound & deep bass
  • All-new rugged cord and plug with In-line microphone & remote and spring reinforced strain relief
  • The all-new patented suspension is designed for personalized comfort & extended use
  • Lightweight & portable with adjustable headband, Perfect for any situation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Performance and Testing

An in-depth look at real-world testing and benchmarks of the kph 30i compared to competitors and previous models. Can incorporate charts/graphs to visualize performance.

Target Buyers and Applications

Discussion of the types of buyers and use cases the kph 30i is designed for. This provides context for better understanding the product’s capabilities and value proposition.

Pricing and Availability

Overview of pricing, promotions, and where/how customers can purchase the kph 30i.

Customer review

So I’m a hi-end headphone user. Over the years, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on hi-end headphones, so I have a good idea what is good and what is just mediocre. There are a lot of headphones that cost two grand that don’t sound as good as something you can buy for five hundred dollars. That’s just how the audiophile world works.

So having what I consider to be one of the best headphones in the five hundred dollar price range, I borrowed my neighbor’s Koss KPH 30 headphones for making phone calls, it having an inline mic and all. I decided to put on my music playlist between calls and I was stunned. That’s not hyperbole. I was truly taken aback by the sound. The clarity and sparkle of this headphone is astounding. the base response was what mostly caught my attention. Of course, for full disclosure, I was running the Koss headset through my DAC, so consider that.

I no longer take my half a grand headphones with me when driving, simply to reduce the chance of them becoming damaged. My Koss headset goes everywhere with me. Now I am not saying they are as good as my expensive set, but it is so freaking close to it. And for thirty bucks? If you are gonna go cheap, this is the headphone for you.

On the downside

These are open back design so on a bus or in public, you need to watch your volume. Not everyone may appreciate your music tastes. The build quality of these Koss headphones is what you would expect for thirty bucks. The cable is not replaceable so if you damage it, you have to replace the whole unit, and it is prone to breakage if you are not careful. They are also made of nothing but plastic, so the headband is prone to breaking if you are not careful with them. You cannot just throw these in a backpack and expect them to stand up to that treatment, but other than that, these headphones are astounding for the price. I’ve owned two hundred dollar headphones that do not sound even close to as good as these Koss.

Customer questions & answers

Q: Why are they so expensive (70$), they are 30$ us on…?

A: Koss ships to Canada.

Q: Can these be used with iphone 10 or later?

A: If there is a headphone jack you can use it. If you have the lightening adapter for headphones you can use it. The headphones require a 1/8″ input.

Q: Will these KPH30i fit a 3 year old child?

A: Gonna say no. Probably too big.

Q: I have a large head and i wear a 2xl hat (size 7-3/4 to 8). will these fit my head?

A: I would advise you to find a bigger head set as you would not get the full coverage even with the adjustable band. They are very good in quality.

As the article author, I would provide my expert opinion on the kph 30i and how it stacks up against the competition for its target applications.

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