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Koss CS100 Stereo PC Headset: Immersive Audio for Computer Use

The Koss CS100 communication headsets boast a full range of sound that helps bring every conversation to life. With high noise sensitivity and reduced sound distortion – not to mention hands-free communication via an electret, noise cancelling microphone – it will seem as if the person on the other end of the line is right in front of you.

Key Features

  • Full range of sound brings games to life
  • Dynamic element delivers high sensitivity and reduced distortion for premium sound at all volume levels
  • Improved signal transmission and conduction for cleaner, clearer sound
  • Ear cushions create balanced, open, hear-through sound, maximizing comfort and evenly distributing sound
  • Independent 3.5mm plugs for easy headphone and microphone connection (Not USB)8 foot cord maximizes movementElectret noise cancelling microphone

Sound Quality

The CS100 produces clean mids, punchy bass, and decent highs considering its budget price. Directional audio comes through clearly in games.

The closed-back design provides good noise isolation from ambient distractions. The soundstage feels spacious for a headset.

Whether taking calls, enjoying music, or gaming, the CS100 provides quality stereo sound that outperforms basic computer speakers.


The plastic construction feels sturdy enough for daily use. Padding on the headband and ear cups prevents discomfort over long periods.

The boom mic picks up voice clearly while remaining unobtrusive. On-ear controls let you adjust volume and mute on the fly.

Customer review

The headset is very light and comfortable, it might seem fragible but it is made of pretty good material. It will not apply pressure to your ears, and the earbuds are very comfortable, as well as having a slight 30º degree rotation (on its axis).

As far as sound quality goes, it is above average compared to other cheap headsets out there (~20$US seems to be the above average price). The speakers sound pretty decent, as long as you use them for voice. The high notes are pretty notable (accentuated a little bit too much), the midrange is ok, and the bass surprisingly manages to perform very well for the price. It is there and it serves the purpose of voice chat.

As far as the mic goes, it is not a professional mic (those are $30-$200), but it manages to perform well.

The microphone is very omnidirectional, so keep in mind for example I have a somewhat loud computer fan half a meter away from the mic, and you will hear it in the background.

As far as voice range goes, it manages to capture low notes pretty decently, again I have to restate, for the price, it is what you get. If you are not doing a radio show or a podcast, then this is great for voice chatting, gaming, voice recognition, etc.

A good tip would be to adjust the mic to be above the mouth by a few degrees and also turn its inner face way from you. Doing so allows for a better sampling of your voice as the recording will not be crippled by constant air noises from your breathing.

On the technical side, you might want to note that the microphone also has an outer side, so not only it captures your voice, but the ambient noise. The cord is pretty long, just enough to be comfortable, but not long enough for you to roam freely (I have it plugged in the front of my computer).

Final note: Good headset for the price, good for people on a budget.

Recommendation: If you want better quality, pay more, but if you just want to voice chat on Skype, this is great and cheap. Always test audio products before you buy them.

Customer questions & answers

Q: does this fit children?

A: I love it for myself but i’m an adult my grandchildren have headsets for their xbox, so I’m not sure it would be a tight enough fit for a child.

Q: Do these adjust for kids heads? I need it for Tune into reading.

A: Yes, it may fit a bigger child, not a small one.

Q: Does anyone know if you get better speech recognition with the USB v. jacks?

A: Yes you can

Q: does it work well with windows 7 speech recognition?

A: I don’t know. I don’t use speech recognition.

Q: Can it be used with a wireless landline handset phone or smart phone?

A: You would need an adapter from usb to the phone, I don’t know of a handset phone that has a usb connection, which is what the headset uses to connect to a pc or laptop.

Q: What kind of plug does it have – RCS jacksUSB or other?

A: Rcs jacks

As an affordable option to upgrade computer audio, the Koss CS100 delivers quality stereo sound with voice clarity for work and entertainment.


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