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Koss KPH7 Lightweight Portable Headphone review

Koss KPH7 on ear headphones offer an affordable, lightweight design that delivers the full power of the Sound of Koss in a wide range of colorways perfect for learning labs, schools and libraries.

Key Features

  • Adjustable headband for comfort and secure fit
  • 3.5mm plug and 4 ft. cord
  • Deep base response
  • Frequency response 80-18,000 hz, 91db SPL sensitivity
  • 32 Ohms


The Koss KPH7 features an adjustable headband and foam ear cushions for comfort during extended listening sessions. The headphones have a foldable design, making them portable and easy to store when not in use.

Sound Quality

While the KPH7 is not designed for audiophiles, it provides decent sound quality for its price range. The headphones offer a balanced sound signature with clear midrange and treble. The bass may be less pronounced compared to higher-end models.


The KPH7 is constructed with lightweight plastic, which contributes to its overall affordability. While it may not be as robust as more expensive headphones, with proper care, it can withstand regular use.

Customer review

I had some original Sony MDR110LP from back in the 90’s-00’s that are now discontinued and over priced. Got them originally with my walkmans and I love the classic look, feel, and sound.

This Koss KPH7 are very very close. The sound is a little more treble than warm, and the sony’s were nice and warm sounding, but still light and open, but this Koss is in no way tinny sounding. Both basically work like open back headphones because the drivers are so small (they dont cover the whole ear, like larger over ear headphones), so some sound is able to travel out through the foam pads.

They are not loud, even with sound on my flac player turned up to 80-85%, but i rarely need to go past that. Any more than that and you get distortion.

If you are used to larger over the ear studio monitors or high end open backed headphones, this will be a step down. And in general, sound quality is average, maybe even a little less than your average sony, philips, or apple in-ear phones.

But I bought it because i still prefer headphones over in-ear phones and I do prefer the comfort and open sound these give compared to any in-ear phones, whether high end or consumer – and i do have multiple pairs of in-ears from consumer bose, philips, sony, apple, to high end sennheiser.

For general, casual listening, outdoors or indoors, I have a use for these, and I really like them. They are light weight, comfortable, more durable than in-ear phones, and I’m okay with sacrificing some sound quality to get more airy, open-ness.

The value is amazing for the price. And if you’re looking to replicate that vintage 80-90’s sounding tech of portable cd players, walkman, and hand-held television/gameboys, this completely reminds me of that analog sound, maybe not the best warm, and full analog sound, but still -these are very nicely made, the materials are better than average for on-ear heaphones. They have nice clamp pressure, which can be forced looser if needed, and the pads are very very comfy.

I would recommend these for what they offer, and for their price. If you just need some very comfortable on-ear phones that you can wear all day and don’t want to look flashy with your over-sized over ear headphones, and know that sound will just be decent, for 7$ I’d pick these up while they are still being made.

On-ear headphone of this style and size are limited, but this one has that classic look, with a very very good fit, finish, and feel, without being over stated -just a 90’s kid in the modern world, rockin headband style phones and comfy foam pads.

Customer questions & answers

Q: These are not marked left and right. How do you tell?

A: L and R is marked high on the earpiece near the slide on the head band.

Q: Do these have a in line volume control?

A: No inline volume control.

Q: will they fit my HD 10 inch (11th Generationtablet with physical attached keyboard?

A: These will connect to any device with a standard 3.5mm stereo headphone jack.

Q: does it work with an iphone 11? And is it adjustable?

A: It is adjustable. I don’t have an iPhone but it has the usual headphone jack. I believe you would need an adapter as iphones don’t have a dedicated headphone port.


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