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Koss KTXPRO1 Titanium Portable Headphones review

Koss KTXPRO1 headphones provide lightweight, adjustable portability with great titanium sound.

Specifications Koss KTXPRO1

  • 15-25,000 Hz
  • 60 ohms
  • 103 dB SPL/1mW
  • <0.2%
  • Straight, Dual Entry, 4ft standard 3.5mm
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Tested at: $20

Sound Quality

This is somewhere where we felt the Koss KTXPRO1 did justice. The signature Koss Titanium Drivers ensure that the users get a rich yet comfortable sound output from the headphones. The sound isn’t anything out of the world but clear and crisp enough for you to be happy. There’s a right balance between the highs, mids and lows but the sound is more towards a softer tone than a more powerful one.

Customer review

This is a thoughtfully designed product and so far it works great (I’ll post an update if it breaks). I’m very pleased.

Sound: the sound is quite good, especially for a small, cheap pair of headphones. I am very pleased with the sound. Both bass and treble sound clear and strong and the sound seems accurate and well-balanced.

Fit: I am a small person and this product fits me comfortably but at the smallest setting, with the earpieces perhaps 1/4″ lower than would be ideal but still quite comfortable. I don’t think it would work on a child. There is plenty of room to adjust the headpiece larger by up to 2″ more, so I imagine it will fit much larger heads, too. The blue band at the top of the headpiece is maybe silicon? Something kind of rubbery anyway. It seems to prevent the headphones from slipping because it is sticky (like rubber, not like honey). Very clever! The on-ear earpieces are covered in standard black foam stuff and are comfortable. If I wear the headphones for more than an hour my ears start to feel squished but if I push the headpiece farther back on my head, so the earpieces come just a little forward of my ear (resting a little more on my skull and less on my ear) then it solves that problem.

Cord, Connector & Volume Control: The split portion of the cord, coming from the earpieces to the volume control, is 16″ long, so, on me, it hangs just below belly-button level, which seems like a convenient location to have the volume control. After the volume control is another 45″ of cord to a very small-profile straight 3.5mm stereo jack connector. Looks like it would fit most mini-stereo applications even where space is tight. The volume control is medium-sized (about 2cm x 5.5cm) and has only a slider (for volume control – no other control buttons). The slider acts as a mute if you slide it to the far low end of its range. The slider action is smooth and noise-free. It comes with an adapter from 3.5mm stereo to standard 1/4″ stereo jack, which is very thoughtful. Be advised, it comes with the 1/4″ jack “installed” on the end of the connector, so if you don’t need it, it just pulls off, revealing the 3.5mm jack.

Packaging: it comes in a cardboard box with a couple small paper inserts: the warranty and a multilingual reminder that it is illegal in the EU to throw out electrical devices in the trash (they must be returned to “public collection points” for recycling). Nice idea EU. We should do that in the US. There are also two molded plastic pieces that hold the headphones, the clear one made of PET (#1 plastic – yeah!) and the opaque one made of polystyrene (#6 plastic – boo!). Finally, there is a surprisingly large piece of plastic just for hanging the package up in a store and it has no recycling symbol on it (boo, hiss). You would think it would be easy for the cardboard box to have a hanger on it instead. So, very nice that most of the packaging is, at least theoretically, recyclable. My only complaints are about the unlabeled plastic and the polystyrene. Many localities do not have recycling options for #6 or for unlabeled plastic, so I would prefer plastic packaging be minimized and that any plastic used could be something more widely recyclable (such as #1). And before you criticize me for being too picky, be forewarned that plastic waste is getting broken into tiny pieces and floating around in the ocean and causing many problems, one of which is that it is ending up in sea salt products (see the Scientific American article, among others), so you might ask yourself if you want to be eating the plastic later (or feeding it to your kids and grandkids) or if you prefer to recycle it properly now. Just saying…

Warranty: It comes with a “limited lifetime warranty” which says, in part, that it covers “normal use by the initial user or purchaser” and warrants the product to be “free of any defect in materials”. However, the terms are that you mail it to their factory in Wisconsin with a check for $9.00 and they can, at their option, refund your money or replace the unit, so that doesn’t really sound like a warranty so much as buying a new one from the factory. You can check the details for yourself at if you want to know more. Sounds like the kind of warranty designed to encourage you to just buy a new one instead of exercising the warranty.

So, besides improvements to packaging recommended above, I have no complaints about the product so far and would recommend it confidently to others.

Customer questions & answers

Q: are they good for working out?

A: I think it would depend on the type of workout. As previously mentioned, they are a light fit, so I am not sure they would stay on your head during vigorous activity. However, I think they would work well when walking, jogging, weight training, etc.

Q: are they good for running?

A: I would say no, simply because I had 2 sets fail and they were only used sitting, watching tv….The sound went out on one ear, on and off as you moved the wire around…personal experience answer.

Q: Will they work with a TV (Vizio) about 45 years old?

A: Is the Vizio 4 to 5 years old? It couldn’t be a Vizio that was built in 1972. As Glenn K. has said check first to see if it has a headphone jack. If a 45 year old television has a headphone jack, the headphones should work. If the television is 4 -5 years old and has a headphone jack, it should also work.

Q: can I watch TV with them?

A: Yes if your tv have a plug of 3,5 mm

Q: Straight or angled Jack? Description says straight… picture shows angled…

A: Straight.

Q: I am assuming they are adjustable but do not see it indicated i description?

A: adjustable for head size and for volumn

We hope our Koss KTXPRO1 review helps you understand them better, allowing you to decide if you want to get them or not. Also, if you have any queries, questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments below!


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