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Koss Porta Pro Classic: A Retro Icon Reborn

Originally released in 1984, the Koss Porta Pro Classic headphones are a retro tech icon. Koss recently re-released an updated version that stays true to the original portable design but with modernized sound and connectivity. Key features include:

  • Dynamic full-range drivers provide crisp, balanced audio with warm mids and detailed highs.
  • Open-air design creates spacious soundstage for an on-ear model. Some sound leakage due to lack of isolation.
  • Collapsible, lightweight frame with steel headband and sliders. Folds up compactly for ultimate portability.
  • Pivoting earcups for maximum comfort whether resting on or slightly off the ear.
  • Oxygen-free copper cable delivers clean, uncolored sound with extension cable included.
  • 1/8″ connector with 1/4″ adapter to work with most audio devices.
  • Under $50 price for high value and quality. A budget-friendly classic.

The Koss Porta Pro Classic headphones ooze ’80s retro appeal but have been updated where it matters for modern listening. With their ultra-portable design and open, natural sound, the Porta Pro Classics are ideal for enjoying vinyl records, lossless digital formats or hi-res streaming on the go.

Available in black, blue, red and silver color schemes, the Koss Porta Pro Classics are a stylish headphone icon that provide incredible value for money. For under $50, your ears get to experience a piece of audio history upgraded for today. These lightweight, retro-cool cans should be part of any music lover’s collection.


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