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Koss Porta Pro Headphones: An Enduring Classic

The Koss Porta Pro is an iconic pair of portable, affordable, on-ear headphones that have been in continuous production since 1984. Despite their simple design and low price, the Porta Pro has amassed a devoted following of loyal fans for good reason.

Excellent Sound Quality

The Porta Pro headphones have a balanced sound signature that punches far above their weight class. The 40mm drivers deliver crisp highs, well-defined mids, and tight, textured bass. Many reviewers consider their audio performance to rival that of headphones costing 2-3 times as much.Lightweight,

Comfortable Design

Weighing only 165 grams, the Porta Pro is extremely light and comfortable. The earpads are made of protein-coated cloth that breathes well, minimizing heat buildup. The headband has an adjustable steel band that conforms to different head shapes.Fold-Flat Design
The Porta Pro headphones feature a unique fold-flat design that compactly fits into a small carrying case. This makes them very portable and ideal for traveling, commuting or storing away easily.


While the Porta Pro’s plastic construction seems delicate, Koss backs them with a 1-year warranty and many users report them lasting a decade or more with little issue. The parts are replaceable if needed, helping ensure a long service life.

Cult Following

Given their unique blend of excellent sound, comfort, and value, it’s no wonder the Porta Pro has attracted such a devoted cult following since the 1980s. They remain an iconic choice for anybody seeking a reliable pair of basic, no-frills headphones.In summary, if you value straightforward design, clear sound and extreme affordability in a pair of portable headphones, the Koss Porta Pro continues to be a legendary choice after nearly 4 decades on the market. 


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