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Koss Porta Pro Headphones: Open-Air Design. Iconic Sound.

First released in 1984, the Koss Porta Pro headphones are considered an icon of personal audio. Their open-air design, expansive soundstage and lifetime warranty have garnered them a reputation for comfort, value and stunning fidelity that has stood the test of time.

Open, Dynamic Sound

The Porta Pro utilizes open-air architecture instead of sealed ear cups, allowing ambient noise and airflow to pass freely through the ear pads. This open construction provides a wider, more natural soundstage with depth and stereo imaging closed-back headphones cannot achieve. Their over-ear design keeps the Porta Pro securely in place during activity while preventing the discomfort earbuds can cause over long listening sessions.

Full, Balanced Sound

The Porta Pro incorporates 40mm titanium-coated drivers that reproduce the complete range of audible frequencies with clarity and realism. Their frequency response delivers present but controlled bass, articulate midrange, and clear, rolled-off highs for a balanced sound signature suitable for all music genres and recording types. With a sensitivity of 101dB, the Porta Pro efficiently powers sound from any device or streaming platform.

Lifetime Value

The Porta Pro is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. With replacement parts available for years to come and a design optimized for field serviceability, the Porta Pro is built to provide a lifetime of listening enjoyment. Their collapsible, stainless-steel design is durable yet portable, so you can achieve high-fidelity sound wherever life’s adventures lead.

While headphone technologies and trends are constantly evolving, the Koss Porta Pro endures through an open, dynamic design suited for sublime listening over long stretches of time. By optimizing fit, comfort, and an immersive soundstage instead of merely chasing headphone fads, the Porta Pro has become a symbol of the complete listening experience Koss has pursued for over 60 years.

Overall, the Koss Porta Pro headphones provide an unparalleled balance of comfort, detailing and spacious sound for their modest price. From expansive stereo imaging to natural tonal balance and durable, retro styling, the Porta Pro embodies the Koss commitment to no-compromise sound accessible to all. For those wanting to rediscover cherished recordings and settle in for profound listening enjoyment, the Porta Pro open the door.


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