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Koss Pro DJ200 Headphones: Unleash Your Inner DJ

Get ready to rock the dancefloor and unleash your creativity with the Koss Pro DJ200 headphones. Designed specifically for professional DJs and music enthusiasts alike, these headphones deliver the perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance. Whether you’re spinning tracks in the club or mixing beats in the studio, the Pro DJ200 is your ultimate companion for all your audio adventures.

The Ultimate DJ Companion

Step into the spotlight and take control of the party with the Koss Pro DJ200. Engineered for the demands of professional DJs, these headphones offer unparalleled sound quality and versatility that will elevate your performances to new heights.

Key Features

  • Noise isolating headphones. Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Koss Touch Control (KTC) remote and microphone technology made for iPhone iPad and iPod
  • Ear cups feature stereo/mono switch and swivel for single/ double ear listening preference
  • Detachable cords include 4 foot KTC cord and 8 foot coiled cord
  • Fold flat into a convenient case for portability
  • Frequency Response – 15-22,000 Hz and Impedance – 60 ohms

Customer review

I had a pair of the ProDJ100’s for about a couple years and I loved them. I can’t say that the quality difference between these and those is HUGE, but there is a little bit of a bump up here. For me, the important feature here is the removable cord and that there are two cords included, so if something goes wrong with one (i.e. the connector gets loose, as often happens with years of use) you can have a backup. Currently I’m using the coiled cord, as I prefer that, and so I haven’t tried the microphone out yet, but I didn’t buy these for a headset, to be fair (that’s just a bonus), I bought them for the sound.

I also find them very comfortable, which is a HUGE plus for me as I have a larger head (and so slightly larger than average ears). These sit just on the outer edges of my ears and isolate sound very well – and they don’t get too hot, which is great. The included case is sturdy and high-quality, and the inclusion of an adapter for 1/4 in. jacks is really handy.

But, of course, in the end in all comes down to sound, and these sound excellent. At the ~$60 you can often find them for here, you won’t find better headphones for my tastes (at their $200 regular price tag, there is more competition, but even there, they hold up well). Bass is deep without being overpowering (I’m looking at you, Beats), and highs come in beautifully. Great for any genera of music, videos, you name it. Koss just sounds good – they’re my go-to brand, and these are no exception.

Customer questions & answers

Q: are they noise cancaling

A: Don’t cancel noise as well as Bose but do a pretty close attempt and are extremely comfortable

Q: These headphones metal or plastic made to look like metal?

A: Plastic made to look like metal

Q: Do they block out human voices well?

A: It depends. The noise suppression works most effectively on relatively constant level noise such as the hum of jet engines on a plane. So if someone is humming in a monotone fashion it will be suppressed. Normal speech is not very suppressed at all.

Q: Is this compatible with Android phones?

A: it’s compatible with any device that has a 3.5mm diameter orifice with three contacts and a spring inside

Elevate your DJing game to new heights with the Koss Pro DJ200 headphones. With their professional sound quality, comfortable design, and versatile features, these headphones are the perfect choice for DJs and music enthusiasts alike. Get yours today and take your performances to the next level. ✨


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