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Koss QZ-99 Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Your Ticket to Sonic Serenity

Step into a world of tranquility and immersive sound with the Koss QZ-99 noise-cancelling headphones. Designed to block out external distractions and elevate your listening experience, these headphones are the ultimate companion for music lovers on the go. Get ready to embark on a journey of sonic serenity like never before.

Experience True Peace and Quiet

Say goodbye to noisy environments and hello to uninterrupted bliss with the Koss QZ-99. Featuring active noise-cancellation technology, these headphones work tirelessly to eliminate unwanted background noise, allowing you to focus solely on the music. Whether you’re traveling, working, or simply unwinding at home, the QZ-99 ensures a peaceful listening experience every time.

Key Features

  • Passive Noise Reduction Headphones.Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Neodymium Magnet Structures Deliver Outstanding Clarity & Definition
  • Closed Pneumalite(Tm) Ear Cushions & Extra Secure Headband Seal Ears, Eliminate All Ambient Noise
  • Volume Control On Ear Cup Allows Easy Level Adjustment
  • Stereo/Mono Switch Extends User Flexibility
  • Passive noise reduction stereophone system isolates listener from ambient sounds
  • Volume control on earcup for easy level adjustment
  • Ideal for use with racing scanners and metal detectors
  • Stereo/mono switch for added flexibility
  • Single-entry, 8-foot coiled cord

Customer review

Heavy. For a drummer to wear for an 8 hour session, he needed breaks.

As an engineer, I can be in the live room with a guitarist while he plays loudly and still monitor the other tracks along with him, so it’s great for that.

pressure is pretty intense, if you’re already having a headache, don’t use them that day. Also, posture and neck angle make a difference, because the top is so heavy.

They feel like they will last a good 10 years, but the strain relief where the cable meets the left phone, that is where the problem is going to be. Also the coiled cable doesn’t stretch as easily as you might want it to. It pulls hard enough to unplug them, so get an extension cable.

All these complaints, I still give them 5 stars because they block out the sound, have local volume control (that knob on the side) and sound decent. You could use them with a metal detector, operating a radio, etc etc. They are also decently comfortable with one ear on and the other ear against the side of your forehead or wherever so you can hear the world while using them if needed (DJ style, but I would not recommend them for DJs only because they do not look cool enough and the cans don’t pivot all the way out. If they did, they would be pretty great for that).

Customer questions & answers

Q: How many dBs does it reduce?

A: Not a clue. I used these for transcription work, not music. Crispness of sound was not the best. Second Koss set I purchased had a headpiece that pinched my head so bad I had to return them. I now use Senal SMH-1000 Closed-Back Professional Monitor Headphones. Noise reduction is not as good as the Koss, but the crispness of sound is far superior. 

Q: Is it made in chinaJust a question.

A: Did not notice but isn’t everything made in China?

Q: What is the best case for the Koss QZ99 headphones?

A: I use them for metaldetecting I put them in a bag.

Q: Can you replace the ear pads if necessary?

A: Yes you can. I just replaced mine and Koss sent them FedEx and no charge.

Elevate your listening experience to new heights with the Koss QZ-99 noise-cancelling headphones. With their unbeatable comfort, crystal-clear sound quality, and advanced noise-cancellation technology, these headphones are sure to become your new favorite companion. Get yours today and immerse yourself in a world of sonic serenity. ✨


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