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Koss SB/45 Headphones – A Classic Reimagined

Koss SB45 communication headsets deliver a full range of sound that enables you to not only hear clearly, but also speak clearly. Featuring Koss’ Clear Voice Technology (CVT), the SB45 noise-reduction microphone eliminates excessive background noise. This enables PC voice applications, such as speech recognition, much easier to use.

Key Features

  • Delivers high-sensitivity & reduced distortion
  • Ideal for gamers
  • Features anisotropic ferrite magnets
  • Freq resp: 18hz-20khz. Sound level – 103dB SPL/1mW
  • Oxygen-free copper voice coils improve signal transmission & conduction for a clearer & louder sound

An Iconic 1980s Design

The original SB/45 embodied 1980s style with its thick padded earcups and dual headband design. This retro look has been maintained in the new release, immediately evoking nostalgia for the big hair and bold fashions of the ’80s.

Beyond aesthetics, the SB/45 was known for its audio quality, with a 20Hz-20kHz frequency response range and 101dB sensitivity rating. The 40mm dynamic elements reproduced sound cleanly and accurately.

Updated Technology

While the new SB/45 stays true to its vintage roots, it also features technological upgrades for the modern age:

  • Redesigned earcups with thicker, more comfortable padding
  • Detachable oxygen-free copper cable with inline microphone and remote
  • Updated 40mm titanium drivers for enhanced sound
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for wireless listening

These improvements make the SB/45 even more convenient and enjoyable to use while retaining its old-school style.

Customer review

The Koss SB/45 headset arrived in packaging tough enough to turn knives and perhaps even bullets. I recommend wire cutters at the edges to defeat it.

The headset inside seems as tough as the packaging. the large, padded headband is adjustable and big enough to fit over skulls even as large as mine. It’s 1¼” wide at the top of the band and tapers to no less than an inch at the sides. The earpieces are likewise padded and soundly constructed, fitting around the ears, muting but not completely cutting off outside sound.

The boom can be rotated vertically from the position shown in the Amazon photo to a completely upright position. Oddly enough, the microphone boom is springy rather than bendable, so you can’t position it horizontally closer to your mouth. This may actually be an advantage as people often position the mike too close, and the flexible boom may be more likely to survive dropping it on the floor. I’ve had no complaints from people I’ve called on Skype, nor has anyone had trouble hearing it in MMO games. My hearing isn’t what it used to be but it sounds fine to me.

The connection to the computer is the old-style twin 3.5mm headset and microphone plugs, which I prefer to USB headsets because they work off the existing sound hardware in the computer rather than introducing a new sound device. Switching between headset and speakers only requires unplugging the headphone jack rather than changing default sound devices in games or the operating system, and you save the USB port. The eight-foot wire gives you enough reach for most desktop computer arrangements. This wire is unadorned by any mute or volume control. Some have expressed doubt that the wire is thick enough to stand long abuse, but it’s thicker than most wires I’ve seen on other similarly priced headsets.

While the earpieces can be folded in and the microphone boom rotated to make it more compact, I think most people would find this headset unsuitable for use with laptops and smaller devices while traveling.

Customer questions & answers

Q: Is the mic electret or dynamic?

A: Hi Mike, The Mic capsule is an electret.Regards, Eric, VK3AX.

Q: with this head set do you use one ear or both?

A: Both.

Q: Can I use this to talk with other people without a computer?

A: Uh….No….

Q: Can this be used connecting two people playing an interactive game on two computers so that they hear & can talk to each other in different locations?

A: No. The headphones have a standard USB connection and can be used by one person only to hear or speak thru the microphone. Sorry no WIFI or radio type capability. But great headphones!

Q: Can This Head set be used in conjunction with My Webcam For Audio?

A: It should work without problems, but an aftermarket webcam w/biult in mic may cause a conflict.

Q: Can these headphones be use with voice recognition software?

A: Yes, they can. I use them myself for voice recognition software.

In a world of minimalist, plastic headphones, the SB/45 stands out with its bold retro design. Yet it also packs updated audio drivers, Bluetooth technology, and improved comfort that match up well against newer models. For those looking for a dose of ’80s nostalgia paired with excellent, modern sound, the new Koss SB/45 artfully blends the best of both eras.


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