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Koss UR29 Headphones: A Reliable Budget Option

The Koss UR29 noise isolating headphones pack powerful studio sound into a portable, collapsible unit. With enhanced bass and full frequency response, the UR29 headphones are ideal for DJs and listeners who crave the Sound of Koss.

Key Features

  • Frequency Response – 4 Hz to 40000 Hz and Impedance – 16 ohms
  • High fidelity stereophone utilizes an anisotropic magnet and 1.4 mil mylar element for deep bass and treble clarity
  • Frequency Response: 18-20,000 Hz
  • Collapsible design for protective storage and maximum portability when listening on the go

Sound Quality

While the UR29 lacks the expansive soundstage of open-back models, its closed back design contains the music and provides solid stereo imaging. The 30mm drivers deliver clean mids and highs along with decent bass punch and depth. The overall sound signature leans slightly bright to bring out instrumental and vocal details.

The headphones handle a variety of genres well, from rock and metal to acoustic and jazz. The sound is clear at lower volumes but can become sibilant at max volume. At its affordable price point, the UR29 performs admirably as an all-purpose headphone.


The major limitations stem from its budget design. The plastic build feels a bit flimsy and prone to breakage if not handled carefully. The ear pads tend to flatten over time, affecting long-term comfort and sound isolation.

Additionally, the fixed cable lacks convenience and limits connectivity. An in-line remote would allow for microphone and playback controls. The UR29’s sound lacks the spaciousness and definition found in higher-end headphones.

Customer review

Like others have said, these do have pros and cons, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

I have owned four pairs of these over the last eight years or so. It is actually five, as the first set was RadioShack brand but was still Koss built. Keep in mind, I write this review as a “stationary” user of these, meaning they never leave the desktop computer and are never folded up or transported.

Anyways, the cons. Like everyone else, the rotating collapsible feature is mediocre, and three of mine all broke that way. The other two failed from the other reason, broken cords at the volume adjustment. The secret to making these last is simple, this pair I have now (number five) has lasted two and a half years, longer than any other because I took a hot glue gun to these brand new outta the box, and applied heavy beads of the glue to the folding and rotating components. Granted, this prevents them from folding ever again, but if you use these like I do just at home, this will strengthen them tremendously and they won’t break again.

As for the volume adjuster and cord, I used a product called Shoe Goo and applied a heavy application at the strain relief on each end, about an inch away from it down the cord and this stops the looseness in the wiring. I tried this on this set and has proven to work well. I did just order two more of these units as the one I am using now (no. 5) is now broken, but they fell off the desk and got under foot, breaking the left earphone off. They still work, but are taped for temporary use. Prior to this, they were still very secure and I’m sure would have lasted a couple more years without issue.

As for the sound quality, I’m not a sound engineer or anything, but I do like to hear my music very clear and loud, and these have always delivered that without any complaint. I still recommend these to anyone and I love them myself, but as before, if you plan to use them without gluing them or using as portable, don’t expect them to last longer than 6-8 months, the plastic is just too brittle.

Customer questions & answers

Q: How does the volume control work? Using a variable resistor with a dial or slide? Or with  buttons to increase/decrease volume electronically?

A: It’s a slide but it’s very easy to get the volume you want. It’s not too difficult to manage.

Q: how far is the volume control switch from the ear cup and is the slide switch easy to see?

A: I don’t remember the distance. A good way for it to not be uncomfortable if you need to adjust volume while you have your headphones on.
Q: Can ear pads be replaced?

A: they cannot br replaced,sorry.

Q: Does this have a microphone?

A: I am not 100% sure that it has microphone .

Q: Is that in line volume control I see? Do they have the smaller jack size?

A: Yes

Overall, the Koss UR29 delivers enjoyable sound quality and a comfortable listening experience considering its very affordable price. While better suited for casual listening, the UR29 works well as a compact secondary headphone for music lovers. It makes for a great entry-level audiophile headphone for those on a strict budget.


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