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Porta Pro Wireless: Premium Sound Unbound

The Porta Pro Wireless from Koss is a lightweight portable Bluetooth headphone ideal for life on the move. As the wireless version of the iconic Porta Pro, the Porta Pro Wireless provides convenience and freedom along with the signature sound and comfort of the original. For those wanting premium portable audio and an end to tangled cords, the Porta Pro Wireless delivers.

No Strings Attached

With Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, the Porta Pro Wireless offers cable-free operation and 12 hours of playback time per charge. Their collapsible design also provides ultimate portability – just fold up the headphones and drop them in your bag, ready to go. The Porta Pro Wireless gives you 360-degree freedom of movement so you can wander, dance or workout without restriction. Experience your tunes anytime, anywhere with the untethered convenience of the Porta Pro Wireless. 📱

Superior Sound Quality

The Porta Pro Wireless features high-performance 40mm drivers and the same acoustic tuning as the original Porta Pro, producing crisp highs, warm mids and rich bass. An adjustable frequency response also allows you to customize the sound to your preferences using the Koss Music app. With their optimal tuning and broad dynamic range, the Porta Pro Wireless conveys clarity and depth for any music genre from hip hop to classical. They offer an impressive listening experience from an ultra-compact lightweight package. 🎧

Retro Style Meets Modern Tech

With their retro ’80s design, padded metal headband and stick-band extension, the Porta Pro Wireless exudes classic style. Beneath the vintage exterior, however, lies an array of modern technology. Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in mic for hands-free calls, a rechargeable battery and smartphone-compatible controls bring the Porta Pro Wireless firmly into the present. For those appreciating both timeless design and current functionality, the Porta Pro Wireless strikes a winning balance. They’ve got style and substance. 🎤

The Porta Pro Wireless provides premium portable audio with no strings attached through a perfect fusion of retro cool and modern tech. With Bluetooth freedom, superior sound, collapsible durability and familiar ’80s styling, the Porta Pro Wireless offers a listening experience unbound by time, space or wires. When premium sound and comfort are paramount but wires won’t do, the Porta Pro Wireless is the cure for what ails your portable listening pleasure. Cut loose – go Wireless. 🎤


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