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Available exclusively through Drop, the Drop x Koss ESP/95X Electrostatic Stereo Headphone System is a custom version of the classic Koss ESP/950 Electrostatic Stereo Headphone System which has long been considered one of the premier Electrostatic Headphones on the market.

Key Features

  • UNRIVALED SOUND CLARITY – This system delivers a crystal-clear sound only achievable with electrostatic headphones. The secret is an interference-free film that literally floats between drivers, thanks to static electricity.
  • STREAMLINED FOR THE MODERN LISTENER – Historically, electrostatic systems came with a case, battery back, energizer, and headphones. We removed the case and battery pack to provide a more streamlined experience for desktop listeners.
  • THE ELECTROSTATIC DIFFERENCE – Electrostatic headphones place a static electric charge on an ultralight film that floats between two metal plates when voltage is applied. The result is distortion-free amplification.
  • OTHER EXCLUSIVE EXTRAS – Adding comfort and aesthetic appeal, we outfitted this system with an exclusive midnight blue colorway and equipped the headphones with ultra-comfortable foam earpads wrapped in velour.
  • MEASUREMENTS & – Headphone weight: 12. 45 oz (353 g), energizer weight: 17 oz (482 g), cable: straight, dual entry, 4 ft (1. 2 m) with 6 ft (1. 8 m) extension, inputs: RCA, 3. 5 mm stereo, AC/DC adapter, : Koss Limited Lifetime .
  • Connector Type: 3.5Mm Stereo
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Included Components: 2 Ft (0.6 M) 3.5Mm To-3.5Mm Cable

Unrivaled Sound Quality

With their advanced electrostatic drivers, the ESP/95X deliver breathtaking clarity and detail across the frequency range. They have an extremely fast and accurate sound, with lifelike instrument separation and stunning dynamic contrast. The open-back design creates a huge, three-dimensional soundstage.

Premium Build Quality

Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, the ESP/95X feature a sturdy yet lightweight build. The genuine leather and memory foam earpads provide exceptional comfort for long listening sessions. The energizer unit supplies power and includes a headphone stand for convenience.

Customer review

Make that 6 Stars !! These Cans resolve resolve resolve ! My source is a PS Audio DirectStream Sr. DAC and nothing makes these fail ! I threw Dvorak New World Symphony at it (Living Stereo SACD). They sounded awesome. No fatigue, and unlike many Dynamic Cans, these sounded open and during very busy and dynamic passages, no shrillness or overloading. Playing Rebecca Pidgeon’s version of Spanish Harlem (also SACD). Her vocal sibilances were center with enough air around her voice that my custom Bose 901 rig can’t even compare (and they sound great on this track). The Eagles Last Resort. Same thing. Male Vocals (Don Henley) come through so clear and never shrill.

Oh and lack of Bass ? I don’t think so. Bass only “kicks” if it’s there on the track being played. No artificial boost in the Bass or Treble region and very flat with the usual bumps at specific frequencies to keep it interesting. The Stones Let It from Let It Bleed sounds like you are listening to “Ear Speakers”. MassDrop & Koss have hit this thing out of the park and the Ball is no where to be found.

My only suggestion. If you have 9VDC that is greater than the supplied Wall Wart’s 1A (I rigged a 4.4A brick with an IEC Cord and 1500uF of super low ESR KEMET Capacitors). It will not only fit it you power bar. The extra current will keep things incredibly stable if you have to keep the two Volume knobs at the “full tilt Boogie” position (as I have to with the DSD Sr.). Get the Dekoni Ear Pads form the Mass Drop site. They extend the Bass and are not as stiff as the supplied foams are.

Customer questions & answers

Q: Does this have Koss’s life-time warranty? if not, what is it?

A: Yes. Registration is required.

Q: Does this have Koss’s life-time warranty? if not, what is it?

A: Yes. Registration is required.

Q: Where are these koss esp95x made? is the frame and earcup connection made of metal?

A: koss ESP95x is made in USA by koss for drop mass.The frame and earcup is made of plastic, wich means that the headphones has a low weight.

Q: Since i have the original koss esp 950s, i am wondering if anyone has heard both the 950s and these 95xs, and how they compare in sound quality?

A: I’ve only heard the 95X, but I believe the consensus and the official word is that the only sound difference between the two models is the included earpads; the drivers and amplifier are internally the same. I also prefer the 95X styling.

While expensive, the Koss ESP/95X represent the pinnacle of electrostatic headphone technology. For audiophiles seeking the most natural, detailed sound, the ESP/95X deliver a world-class listening experience unmatched by conventional headphones. They are a worthwhile investment for serious listeners.

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