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A Premium Listening Experience

The Pro4S Studio Headphone is specifically crafted for professionals who use headphones every day to create the world’s greatest music. Featuring the all-new SLX40 element, tuned for reference, the Pro4S Studio Headphone delivers an incredibly accurate and unbiased sound, perfect for any studio or creative environment.

Key Features

  • Design Your Music with these professional, unbiased, fine-tuned Studio Headphones
  • Aluminum Construction – comfort and durability meet in this lightweight headphone
  • Dual Choice Entry – choose either left of right cord entry and monitor through multiple headphones with a unique pass-through feature
  • Contour Sealing Cushion – the unique D-profile closes gaps around the ear, improving comfort, fit, isolation, and sound
  • Koss SLX40 Dynamic Element precisely tuned to accurately convey the sound produced in the studio. Connectivity Technology: Wired Detachable

With large 50mm drivers and oxygen-free copper coils, the Pro4S headphones deliver a wide dynamic range with tight bass and clear treble. The closed-back design passively isolates ambient noise so you can focus completely on your audio.

Sound Quality

Reviewers consistently praise the Pro4S for their neutral sound reproduction. The extended frequency response provides detailed and accurate audio across genres like rock, hip-hop, jazz, and classical. Some key aspects of the sound quality include:

Customer review

Where to begin? I worked in radio for about 35 years, on air, commercial production, finishing as a chief engineer. I do a lot of recording, program production and teach as well. I still have my Koss HV1 headphones, and a pair of Koss Pro4AA headphones. For years the only headphones that would use on air or when recording voice work was a pair of Sony MDR-V6. I bought these when looking for something to replace the Sony’s, which I consider to be too bright. Reading reviews I decided to try the Pro4S headphones. I was looking for something that would give me an accurate reproduction of the recorded material, that I could trust when doing voice work or editing recordings.

There was a short recalibration of my ears when I first put them on, but as I worked my way through a list of recordings that I know well, I knew that I had made the right choice. Gladys Knight’s “Do Nothing ‘Till You Hear From Me” was first, the CD In The Digital Mood, through to a host of classical instrumental and choral pieces. Multiple times I found myself saying “Yeh, that’s what it _should _ sound like.” The audio came from a 3rd generation Focusrite 2i2. Not a Benchmark DAC, but respectable, and certainly not an iPhone, or a laptop sound card.

The old Koss Pro4AA is like wearing a vise on your head. The Pro4S are comfortable to wear for long periods while listening or editing. I’ve never experienced listener fatigue while using these, even in long editing projects. I’ve bought them for the voice over/podcasting studio that I built for a local college so that the students have good headphones to use as they work.

Customer questions & answers

Q: Are these headphones balanced in a way, where i can use a periapt y-cable (dual 3.5mm to 4-pin xlr)?

A: No, they are not.

Q: Do they have a balanced connection? 4.4mm balanced cable?

A: No. Single-ended on both channels.

Q: Do these have neodymium rare earth magnet?

A: I don’t know. Nor am I sure why that really would matter; nothing wrong with that but good headphones can be made with or without such magnets. You can visit the Koss website, however, during business hours, and live chat. Perhaps they can answer your question.

Q: Do these come with mini jack or full size .25″

A: It comes as mini but it has a full size .25 headphone adapter plug. I love these headphones.

Q: What is the size of the driver?

A: It is a 40mm driver which translates to 1.6″.

With their reference-grade audio quality, noise isolation, and premium comfort, the Koss Pro4S represent one of the best values among audiophile headphones. If you want to hear your music collection with newfound clarity and detail, the Pro4S deliver an immersive listening experience at a reasonable price point.

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