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TamBee Heavy Duty Door Pivot Hinges – Craftsmanship Meets Smooth Functionality!


TamBee INC was founded in 2013, mainly engaged in home and electronic products. TamBee is our authentic brand. The Registration Number is 87504460. Since we are young and dynamic,We dedicate to creat innovative and high-quality products.Over the past few years, the company has received recognition from partners around the world and is loved by all over the world. In the course of development, the company has always adhered to the cultural spirit of “Innovation, Quality and Service”.

Hot Product

TamBee Door Pivot Hinges Heavy Duty Hinges for Wood Doors 360 Degree Shaft Stainless Steel Pivot Hinge System

  • PATENT No: D920075 – TamBee appearance patented product, please purchase with TamBee brand
  • MULTIPLE USAGE – Heavy duty pivot hinges perfect for secret rooms, bookcase doors, and storage solutions
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND ADJUST – Novices and experts can easily install and adjust our pivot door hardware with no special tools needed, making it a great choice for DIY projects
  • STURDY AND RELIABLE – Our invisible door hinge kit is built with quality made 304 stainless steel materials. You can trust our hardware to keep your secret doors secure for years to come
  • DIMENSION AND LOADING CAPACITY – Top Part 130mm*25MM/5.12″*1″, Bottom Part 105mm*25MM/4.12″*1″, Hole Size: 6mm/0.23″(as the picture shows). Product Weight: 455g, For door weights of up to 50kg / 110lbs

Extensive Practicability

A Review Of TamBee

This is a quality, heavy duty hinge. It is only lacking better installation instructions, but with perseverance and ingenuity we ended up with beautifully installed, somoothly operating closet doors (5 of them). And a great value compared to similar hinges from other sources. They result in a sleek, finished appearance. Will use again when the need arises.

Versatile Door Solution: Perfect for Wood Doors

TamBee Heavy Duty Door Pivot Hinges are the perfect solution for wood doors. Whether for interior or exterior use, these hinges accommodate the weight and size of wood doors, ensuring a secure and reliable pivot point for doors in various settings.

⚙️ Smooth and Silent Operation: Enjoy Peaceful Door Movements

Bid farewell to creaky doors. The TamBee Door Pivot Hinge System ensures a smooth and silent operation, allowing you to enjoy peaceful door movements without the distraction of unnecessary noise. ⚙️

Perfect for Home Upgrades: Gift Style and Functionality

Looking to upgrade your home? TamBee Heavy Duty Door Pivot Hinges are the perfect addition. Gift yourself or someone you know the combination of style and functionality, enhancing the doors of your space with a touch of modern elegance.

Conclusion: Open Doors to Elegance and Functionality

TamBee Heavy Duty Door Pivot Hinges are not just hinges; they’re an invitation to elegance and functionality. Open your doors to a seamless swing, experience the durability of craftsmanship, and let stainless steel style become the hallmark of your door aesthetics. ✨


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